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Real Estate Maintenance & Renovations

We fully manage and co-ordinate premium quality, on-budget improvements, renovations and maintenance projects for real estate agents and private landlords. So, if you're tired of managing endless repair tasks or need your residential property back on the market fast, just leave it all to us.


Save time co-ordinating trades.

We only use qualified, licenced tradespeople with a proven track record, giving you access to the right professionals for each particular job.


We can project manage one job or many from end-to-end with ease, quoting, booking, co-ordinating and completing jobs while keeping an experienced eye on quality and cost.

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Is reliable property maintenance keeping you up at night?

Simplify your life with our property maintenance service. We give you access to experienced project managers that get the job done right, ensuring you aren’t overquoted or overspending on routine jobs and maintenance. Using our repertoire of trusted tradespeople, we build, renovate and maintain your property helping you create positive experiences with your customers and tenants.

Have your property ready for sale when you need it to be.

We have a wealth of internal project management experience and are supported by a reputable, external collective of qualified, dependable tradespeople.


So, we can have your residential property ready for market quickly, turning around projects hassle free with the kind of quality workmanship you expect, on time and on spec.

Modern Kitchen

LAUREN STALEY– Managing Director
Infolio Property Advisors

"John and the team at Trade Service Solutions have looked after several Infolio clients and on every occasion our clients have walked away very happy.  John is a great communicator, quick to respond and offers a high quality of service.  I have no hesitation in recommending TSS to anyone looking for a great company to work with for small, medium or large scale improvements and renovations.

Reduce the cost of property management.

Simplify your life and save money.


Our property maintenance service helps ensure you aren’t overquoted or overspending on routine jobs and maintenance.


Combining our experience with a collective of trusted tradespeople, we do the hard work for you. So you can focus on the important things like building positive experiences with your customers and tenants.

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